Date of birth: Jul. 19th 2010.

Color, patern and EMS code: Red lynx bicolor RAG d 03 21

Sir: CH AmorusAngels Moonlite Angel, crem bicolor RAG e 03

Dame: AmorusAngels Winter Wonderland, red lynx bicolor RAG d 03 21

From cattery: AmorusAngels Ragdolls

Ex-owner: Patricia A. Bellamy-Ghainmat 11222 Kiowa Place, California, USA

Short description: Adorable queen with classy posture, but a fierce and courageous fighter for everything she consideres hers. Her gentle, almost white color highlights the elegance of her soft thick fur. Noble appearance contrasts with her warrior nature and on the other hand, her great devotion and loyalty to her owners.

Patricia, thank You!


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